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About our Meditation Sessions:

In our Meditation groups you will create your own ’toolbox’ or Medicine Bag of meditation techniques that suite you best when you sit. You will be guided though a series of meditations and experience various techniques. Seated meditation, guided meditation, walking meditation & mala meditation to list a few.

Within the meditation experience we practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can be described as simply observing your stream of consciousness. Being in the moment, the full and present moment. Simply observing… simply being. Making space for creativity, thoughtfulness and deeper understanding of your true self. 

There are Two Rules of Meditation:

1. Begin

2. Continue

Find out what it feels like to truly go "inward". This is a full participation course; Our environment is an all inclusive safe space to engage in personal growth and & self inquiry.

**Pre-registration Required. Courses considered full at 15 participants.

Messages from participants :)

“Thank you for all wonderful tools you have given me through the six week meditation that will change my life forever.” Guildwood, ON

"I must tell you of all the meditation classes I've been to - yours has the best energy"!!  Don Mills, ON

"I wanted to tell you once again how much I love your classes and that  I would love to sign up for more in the near future”. Guildwood, ON

"looking forward to starting back to meditation classes!! I love the energy”. Don Mills, ON

"With the help of the circle I have experienced profound shifts in my spirit that would not have been possible without the love and support of the community you have created through your love”. Guildwood, ON


2nd Session of 2018

(Registration Now Open!)

Don Mills Registration or Guildwood Registration 

2018 Programs:

2018 Fall Meditation Classes (6-week courses) Two evenings to choose from! 

GUILDWOOD GROUP 6 Week session ( Next Sessions open for registration now!) 

When?  Tuesday Nights. September 11,18, October 2,16,23,30.

What Time?  6:00 pm - 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 5:45)

Where? Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church. 140 Guildwood Parkway (in the meeting room)

Fees: $80.00 includes all materials when paid before Sept 4th 2018

     $85.00 after Sept 4th

**Special Note: Please do not wear perfume/cologne/Frangrance to the Meditation circles.**

 DON MILLS EVENING GROUP 6 Week session (Next Sessions open for registration now!)

When? Monday Nights. September 10,17, October 1,15,22,29.

What time? 6:00 pm - 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 5:45)

Where? Jubilee United Church. 40 Underhill Rd (in the library) Don Mills

Fees: Early Registration $80.00 includes all materials when paid before Sept 4th 2018

     $85.00 after Sept 4th 

**Special Note: Please do not wear perfume/cologne/Frangrance to the Meditation circles.**

Teachers Message: 

It is suggested that you make a commitment to attend each class for the entire program, there is not a 'drop in option' in the meditation courses.  Personal growth, knowledge of the self and connection of the mind & heart will be the result of our six week program. It is understandable that at times we can not make a session as life takes us on a detour. Do not stress if you miss a session for personal reasons, you will get everything you need from this program on the nights you are able to be in attendance. It is all perfect… If you are late, just slip in quietly and join the session as better late then not to come at all. Fees are non refundable. 

Pre-registration Required. Course considered full at 15 participants.

Register today to reserve your space!

Yours in health,


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