Hypno Yoga


Blending yoga and hypnosis to help people make positive changes in their life. Rewiring negative thought patterns through affirmations positive guided meditations and yoga postures. 

Courses run in 4 week sets, each set focusing on a specific subject. Reach Yoga’s next HypnoYoga™ program will focus on "Making Healthy Choices". 

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Four Wednesday or Friday nights from 7:30-9:00 pm




Location: Don Mills

Guiding participants to create openings in the body with yoga postures, openings in the mind through hypnosis and allowing space for positive changes to unfold in our daily lives. 

The Making Healthy Choices program, reaches our body, mind & spirit. HypnoYoga™ directly targets the negative thought patterns and negative behaviors that have crept into our lives over time. Eliminate self destructive patterns like, poor eating choices and weight control, eliminate low self esteem and lack of self confidence for good, brighten our relationships with friends, family, mates, and our self through patterns of kind communication and forgiveness. 

All classes start and end with guided meditation/hypnosis and breath work. 

We practice in a safe, soothing setting. Compassion, trust ,openings, and healing are the byproduct of this very personal practice.


  • "Sleep Better"
  • "Life after smoking" Smoking Cessation Program
  • "Positive Attitude"
  • "Educated Eating" Weight Release Program

Each Course is Limited to 9 participants - Short Application Process

Cathy Mines, RIHR
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified by The Association For Integrative Psychology
Trained in Canada by Yvonne Oswald ~ Hypno Health International
To book you Private Hypnosis Session (416) 803-9907

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